Referrals are the #1 most trusted source of new leads for financial advisors…

How many referrals have you gotten this week?

Discover how the Precision Referral Method™ can have you immediately profiting from daily referrals

Clone your top clients and grow your income using the world’s most-trusted marketing system… referrals

According to a study conducted by Nielsen in 2015, recommendations from friends and family are the most trusted form of advertising. 83% when compared to paid advertising.


Referrals cost you nothing to generate, especially when your compare them to online advertising, dinner seminars, online advertising, and other expensive methods.


Referrals make you a center of influence, and the go-to expert in each of your client's circles. Your professional influence (and income) expand every time someone recommends you.


You’ll experience more success and enjoy a greater sense of purpose when meeting with referral. More people will immediately trust you and respect your expertise.

Customers acquired through word-of-mouth spend 2x more and make 2x as many referrals themselves

Experts agree that recommendations from friends and family are the most trusted form of advertising…

A global survey of 30,000 consumers revealed that Referral Marketing beat out ALL other forms of advertising like consumer opinions posted online, media coverage, and branded websites.

According to a recent study by the University of Pennsylvania, referrals are more profitable and loyal than normal customers. The study found that these customers have “a higher contribution margin, a higher retention rate, and were more valuable in both the short and long run.”

It’s a well-known fact that referrals give you better clients and better margins because they often cost much less to acquire than pursuing cold leads.

Plus, because people were referred to you by someone they trust, you experience less sales resistance.

This heightened level of trust allows you charge a premium if you’re fee-based, helps you gather even more assets from new and existing clients.

What’s best is that because your clients are constantly referring new people to your practice, you won’t have to rely heavily on cold new traffic.

Let’s face it, humans are hardwired to give referrals. It’s simply an innate primal instinct like sitting around a campfire crackling on a cool autumn night.

Throughout history, we have learned to pass on the wisdom and respect of elders and experts who were the conveyors of knowledge. Nowadays, it’s no different. In fact, with social media, email and other forms of instant communication, people can tell their friends about you faster than ever!

Want more proof?

Check out this study by LIMRA International

LIMRA International, the life insurance industry research organization, conducted a comprehensive survey* in which affluent clients were asked two questions about referrals:

1. Would you give referrals to your primary financial advisor if you were asked?

2. Have you been asked for a referral by this advisor in the past year?

Here were the results:

21% of the affluent clients surveyed said they had been asked for a referral.

Another 24% said they would not provide a referral to this advisor.

The majority of clients surveyed, 55%, said they would provide a referral if asked. But they were not asked.

About George

Successful entrepreneur, adventurer and internationally-recognized sales trainer

George is an entrepreneur currently living in Miami, Florida. He launched his career at different tech startups helping Fortune 100 companies effectively deploy smartphone technologies in Asia and Europe.

In 2007, he founded a global advertising platform, which helped companies in the environmental space reach health-conscious consumers more effectively.

George later joined a global leader in the training business serving Fortune 100 companies by teaching their employees to increase performance in the areas of sales, leadership, and customer service.

By leveraging his coaching experience with a focus on teaching high-impact, actionable strategies to companies in the financial services industry, George has helped clients generate millions in sales while getting them to the top of national leaderboards.

Today, George dedicates his time to mentoring other entrepreneurs, and developing training systems in the financial services industry designed to help professionals work in closer, more ethical partnerships with their clients.

He spends his free time with his family and pursuing his passion for music, with live performances among professional artists.

Look at what these professionals are saying…

“I have seen other referral systems and have studied with the best, but George has the smoothest language I have ever seen.

My prospects happily make introductions without thinking twice and best of all there are no bribes, which is in line with my ethics.

PRM absolutely works.”

Connie Kadansky,

President, Exceptional Sales

“Excellent tactics, founded upon good fundamental psychology, with an inherent understanding that not all referrals are good referrals, and not all people are good referrers.

PRM builds an irresistible sequence of events and positions you for what type of business; who to ask, and how; and is absolutely practical.”

Tony Vidler,


“Everyone talks a good game when it comes to referrals, but PRM shows you how to integrate them into your business and meetings with finesse.

I’ve been on the program for 4 months now. I know this will be my best all-time commission year yet.

I owe a great deal of my success to using this method.”

Mario Avalos,


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Geometric Referral Growth™

Here are 3 proven ways to geometrically grow your business and income through referrals:

GROW Your Client Base

Increase your lead generation results through referral systems

GROW Your Average Transaction Value

Focus on meeting higher-value prospects who acknowledge your unique talents

GROW The Frequency of Transactions

Increase the number of opportunities to discover new business and increase trust with your clients

You’ve just found the the ON switch for more referrals

The Precision Referral Method™

Get the right referral every time


Not just any referral will do, if you truly want to build your practice around A+ prospects, you have to proactively hunt for A+ prospects.


How you respond makes a huge difference in how the referral perceives you immediately. That’s why positioning is so important here


Maximize your meeting time with referrals and open new cases with ease. This happens by pinpointing new referrals in the first meeting.

3-Step Referral Strategy: PRM


Hunt for A+ prospects.


Respond with the right positioning


Maximize your meeting time with high-quality referrals

Without PRM


Meet the wrong kind of prospects. Get their low-hanging fruit / “safe” contacts.


Meeting falls through. No attention or interest from referral.


Referral meeting results in awkward encounter where you try to sell them something. You would NEVER DARE ask for referrals here.

With PRM

Meet your client’s ROCK STAR contacts.

Referrals are intrigued and don’t feel like they will be sold.

You come in as an expert and command their respect. You have a high probability of getting referrals at this first meeting.

Let’s get you started

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George Guerra

George is an entrepreneur living in Miami, Florida. He mentors other entrepreneurs, and developing training systems in the financial services industry that will help professionals work in closer, more ethical partnerships with their clients.

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